Luzianne Iced Tea, Tea Bags, Family Size

Family owned since 1902. Bonus pack. 25% more. Specially blended for iced tea. Did you know: 1 box brews 7-1/2 gallons; 1 box equals 60 16 oz bottles of iced tea. Authentic Southern Iced Tea - It's so simple, yet so satisfying. It leaves you reinvigorated and refreshed. At Luzianne, we know refreshment is something on which you should never compromise. It's why we carefully select tea leaves from across the globe and specially blend them for iced tea. Since 1902, our family company has been taking the extra steps so you can enjoy the clear, smooth, refreshing taste of Luzianne from one pitcher to the next. And once you've taken a sip of Luzianne, we believe you won't settle for anything less. 100% natural antioxidants. Please include best by date when contacting us. Your satisfaction guaranteed. This product contains 24 mg of caffeine per 8 fl oz serving.