Jell-O Jigglers Berry Blue & Lemon Zoo Mold Kit

JELL-O Jigglers Berry Blue & Lemon Zoo Mold KitA fun and creative way of getting children involved in preparing their snacks. The kit consists of 1 Zoo mold tray, 1 Jell-O 6 oz. Berry Blue Gelatin Dessert, 1 Jell-O 6 oz. Lemon Gelatin Dessert.Get creative with the easy to prepare Jell-O gelatin desserts and make colorful, yummy, animal shaped treats in the zoo mold tray with your kids!Get Creative with Jell-O!Get your yummy Jell-O gelatin desserts molded into fun animal shapes with the mold tray and decorate your desserts with the colorful jiggly treats or just eat them as yummy snacks. Kids love the animal shaped Jell-O snacks!!