Nancy's Seafood Crabcakes - 32 CT

Nancy's® Seafppd Crabcakes. Specialty foods. 32 seafood crabcakes. Ready in minutes. Imitation crab meat baked with celery, red peppers and spices. Enlarged photograph. "Food has always been a centerpiece of my entertaining events. It brings people together, serves as a topic of conversation, and is often what people remember long after the party is over." Nancy. Plan. When serving Nancy's appetizers and desserts with a meal, guests will eat about 3-5 pieces per person; without a main meal, guests will eat about 6-8 pieces per person. Try to offer at least 5 varieties of hot and cold appetizers and desserts. Garnish. Garnish with edible flowers, olives, fresh herb sprigs, small fruits or sliced vegetables such as colorful bell peppers. Present. Consider using interesting dishes with several shapes and sizes to emphasize the variety of foods you are serving. Decorate plates with tiny dollops of pesto, or drizzles of creamy salad dressings. Serve, dazzle & delight. Simple to prepare, easy to serve and absolutely delightful, Nancy's seafood crabcakes are the perfect appetizer for any gathering. Your guests are sure to appreciate the wonderful aroma and the delicious taste. For entertaining ideas and to see our other delicious offerings, please visit Questions, comments: 1-888-785-6461, Monday-Friday. Please have packaging available when calling. ©2011 H.J. Heinz Company, L.P.