Green Valley Creamery Cream Cheese, Lactose Free

Certified Gluten-Free. Lactose free. Enjoy real dairy. Milk from pasture-raised cows. Made with 4 simple ingredients. No gums or thickeners. How do we make it lactose free? To make it lactose free, we add an enzyme called lactase that breaks down the lactose (milk sugar) into two easily digestible sugars. If you have lactose intolerance you dont have enough lactase enzymes to digest the sugar in milk, and this can be really uncomfortable. So, we do this little step for you. Step 1: All milk contains lactose, that naturally occurring milk sugar. Step 2: We add lactase enzyme to make it lactose free. Step 3: It breaks down the milk sugar into 2 digestible sugars: Glucose + galactose. Celebrating every day the joy of dairy. Milk from local family farms. Low Fodmap: Fodmap Friendly approved food product. Join the Community! Connect with us! Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Please recycle paper sleeve. 100% renewable energy powered. Renewable Energy: Powered 100% with solar, wind & geothermal. Made in Sonoma County, California.