Conair Hairbrush, Style & Shape

Nylon-tufted bristles, all-purpose brushing. Conair No.1 hairbrush brand! (Source: IRI Scan Data based on dollar sales through 5/24/20). Conair has everything you need for beautiful hair. This versatile, all-purpose brush is perfect for smoothing and creating straight hairstyles for all hair lengths and natural hair textures. Nylon-tutted bristles stimulate the scalp to distribute scalp's natural oils, adding vibrant, healthy-looking shine. This brush is especially great to use on wet hair after shampooing, or on dry hair of any length. Nylon-tufted bristle, all-purpose brush. For everyday brushing. All hair lengths and natural hair textures. Taking care of hair for over 60 years. Stay Connected with Us: Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. YouTube. Visit for more great styling options! Made in China.