Community Coffee® Porch Breeze™ Signature Iced Tea Bags 24 ct Box

Specially blended for iced tea. Proudly served in the best restaurants & homes across the South. Family owned since 1919. Crisp. Smooth. Never bitter. The wonderful taste and quality you've come to expect in a crisp and captivating blend of Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black Teas. Taste the Difference: Served in Louisiana's best restaurants, Community Tea is a crisp and captivating blend of orange pekoe and pekoe cut black teas from around the world. Community Tea is always clear, bright, and never bitter. We invite you to share its smooth and refreshing taste in your home today. Our Heritage: For four generations, our family has been dedicated to sharing our passion for quality and great taste with you. Look for the Community family of products including tea, coffee, filters, creamer, sugar, and sweeteners - served in Louisiana's best restaurants and shared in homes across the South Matthew Savage. Satisfaction guaranteed. Since 1919. Our Founder: Cap Saurage. We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction. Natural source of antioxidants for a healthy lifestyle. Explore our other fine tea products. To order, comment, or learn more, visit or call us at 800-525-5583.