Chocxo Ruby Snaps, Fruity Ruby Cacao

Crunchy quinoa & tart raspberry. No artificial flavors. Certified Gluten-free. Non GMO. 34% cacao. Made with ruby cacao beans. Cocoa horizons. No added color. Individually wrapped. Natural fruity ruby cacao. Snacking should be a snap. A natural, creamy, little burst of flavor that will satisfy the sweet craving. ChocXo Ruby Snaps is the solution. Infused with crunchy quinoa and tart organic raspberry pieces, then covered in unique ruby cacao chocolate, resulting in a fresh, berry flavored explosion. Ruby is the fourth chocolate and the most fantastic chocolate discovery in years. It's derived from the rare ruby cacao bean and is known for its soft pink color and signature, intense fruitiness -all without adding any dyes or fruit flavors. Made in Canada.