Baby Brie Cheese

Smooth creamy texture. Rich buttery flavor. Crafted from the freshest milk and cream. ACS - American Cheese Society Winner 2013. America's creamiest award winning brie. At Alouette, we blend our passion for every detail with our European heritage to create the creamiest all natural brie. Alouette Double Creme Brie is handcrafted using only the richest and freshest milk and cream. Its rich, creamy texture and buttery taste have been honored as award-winning. Alouette Double Creme Brie is a great way to slow down and savour with friends and family, or to enjoy on your own as a special treat. Discover our broad range of distinctive cheeses and dozens of delicious recipes at Questions or comments, call 1-800-322-2743. Gluten free. Made in the USA.